Conditional Approval

The application approval process for a FAST Card and Free and Secure Trade program membership is in two stages:

  • Conditional Approval before your interview
  • Approval


What is FAST CARD Conditional Approval?

The term “Conditional Approval” refers to a status that hinges on your attendance to the FAST Interview. US CBP and Canadian CBSA officers review your application and its supporting documentation. If they find that you are eligible for the Free and Secure Trade program and there are no issues with your application then your application is moved to conditional approval for the Free and Secure Trade program.

Unless you are renewing your FAST Card, you must attend an interview once you have received Conditional Approval. Unfortunately, if you are renewing your FAST membership you could also be asked to attend an interview, either at random or if your information has changed since your last FAST Card.

At the FAST interview appointment, you must answer questions about your application which you submitted. You must also provide the actual documentation you submitted as part of your application.

Many FAST applicants are approved on the spot at the interview. If not, your applicant may be approved within a few business days of your interview. Otherwise, you will receive a notice that your application was refused. If you are approved, it means that your TTP account status will change from “Conditional Approval” to “Approved.”

You should receive your FAST Card within 10 calendar days of the date the approval notice is posted in your TTP account. If you have not received the FAST Card within 3 weeks, contact the enrolment centre where you had your interview.

If you are renewing your FAST Card, you will usually not have to go through the “conditional approval” stage, unless your information has changed or you are selected at random for an interview. The following changes could trigger an interview:

  • you moved provinces
  • you changed jobs/employers
  • you’ve had an issue that could affect your eligibility.

This list is not exclusive.


How to Book Your FAST Card Interview