Global Online Enrolment System

What is the Global Online Enrolment System (GOES)?

GOES is an acronym that stood for the Global Online Enrolment System, a website set up by US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP), which was used by members of and applicants for the following programs:

  • Free And Secure Trade (FAST)
  • Global Entry

The Global Online Enrolment System has been retired. The website no longer works; it has been taken down. From now on, FAST applicants and members must use the new TTP website, which you can learn about here. In order to use this new website, you must create a profile, regardless of your citizenship or country of residence.


Global Online Enrolment System (GOES) FAQs

Common questions about GOES.


What If I Was in the Middle of FAST Card Application When the Switch Happened?

You will still need to create a profile and login to the new TTP website. Hopefully your old application will be present on the new TTP site. If you are struggling with this, please give us a call at 1-855-760-0888 and we can help!


What If I Used GOES for my FAST Card and Need to Renew?

You need to create a account and use it to login to the TTP website. When you login to renew, your profile should hopefully populate with the information you used to apply last time, and you just need to update it. (This is the official story. We are still not sure what percentage of old FAST profiles have been successfully transferred from the old Global Online Enrolment System to the new TTP system.)


Learn About How to Apply for a FAST Card using the TTP Website