Lost Stolen Damaged

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen or Damaged Fast Card

The conditions of your Free and Secure Trade Membership mandate that you must inform the CBSA and CBP of the loss or theft of your FAST Card as soon as you can. You can then submit an application to replace your FAST Card.

If your FAST Card is damaged so that it is usable in a FAST lane or otherwise unreadable, you must also report it as damaged as soon as you can.

Whether the card is lost, stolen or damaged, report the issue to a FAST enrolment centre as soon as you are able.

The fee to replace your lost, stolen or damaged FAST Card is $25. (This fee is less than the fee for a renewal, which is $50, which you will need to pay when your original FAST Card expires. The replacement is only good for the duration of your original card.)


Replace Your FAST Card

You cannot replace your FAST Card online; you may only replace it in person. Here are the steps to replace your FAST Card:

  1. If your FAST card was stolen, you should first report the theft to the police before replacing it.
  2. To replace your FAST Card, go to the nearest FAST enrolment centre. It does not need to be the enrolment centre at which you had your interview and there is no need to make an appointment, as long as you go during opening hours. If your FAST Card was only damaged, you should bring it with you. Be sure to bring driver’s license and bring your passport if you can.  You will have to pay the replacement fee by Credit Card so be sure to also bring one. The FAST program accepts only VISA or MasterCard.
  3. The next step is to pay the $25 fee. The currency depends upon where the Free and Secure Trade enrolment centre is located. If you wish to pay the fee in Canadian dollars, you need to go to a FAST Card enrolment centre physically located with in Canada.
  4. Once you visited the enrolment centre, your FAST Card will be sent to the mailing address in your TTP profile within approximately two weeks. If you changed residences since you got your crurent (lost/stolen/damaged) FAST Card, you must bring with you proof of your new address to the enrolment centre.


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