Interview Questions

FAST Interview Questions

At your Free and Secure Trade interview, you will be interviewed by both the CBSA (Canada) and the CBP (the US). They will ask you a number of questions in regard to the information you provided in your online application application.

Which agency interviews you first will entirely depend upon which FAST enrolment centre you choose to go to for your interview. If you attend one of the Free and Secure Trade enrolment centres within Canada, you will be interviewed first by a CBSA officer, and only then by CBP officer. However, if you attend one of the a FAST enrolment centres in the US, you will be interviewed first by a CBP officer and then you will have to go over to the CBSA office for your interview.

At the interview you must provide the original identity documents which you listed in your online FAST application. Also, you will be fingerprinted as part of the Free and Secure Trade program. See a checklist of what you should bring to the interview.


Sample Questions for Your Free and Secure Trade Interview

These are just examples.


Why do you need the FAST Card?

You will be asked questions about your work as a truck driver and why it’s necessary to cross the border for your business. If you are employed by a company, you may be asked questions about your employment. If you own your own truck, you will likely be asked about your self-employment.


Are you known by an nicknames, aliases or other names?

You will likely be asked a question as to whether you have been or are known by any nicknames or aliases, or if you have ever had your name changed. You need to answer this question truthfully, as the agent likely has a list of names you’ve had in the past.


How often have you changed your residential address in the last…?

If you have not moved in the last five years, you probably won’t be asked this question. If you have changed your address in the last five years, explain why you moved. Here are some examples: “I changed employers” or “I moved in with my spouse.”


Have you taken any drugs?

You will most likely be asked this question. Be honest when you answer. If you have a prescription you are using you still have to answer “Yes.” Explain why you are taking the prescription and for how long.


Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?

Even if you have ever been convicted of a crime but have received a pardon or record suspension, you still have to answer “yes” to this question.

The one chance you have to be granted a FAST Card if you do indeed have a criminal record is to completely honest about your criminal past and efforts you’ve undertaken to rehabilitate yourself. If you have made it to the interview, it means that they are seriously considering your application for your approval. Whether or not you are approved will depend upon how honest you are with the agents who interview you.


What is the purpose of your cross-border trade?

Explain why you need the FAST Card and why you need to cross the border as part of your routes.


These questions are just reasonably typical examples. You may be asked entirely different questions than those listed above, and you may be asked many more questions or only one or two questions. A reasonable guess as to how many questions you will be asked is

  1. Do you have a criminal record or immigration/customs issues?
  2. How much has your life changed in the last 5 years?

If you have no criminal record, you’ve never violated any immigration or customs rules, and you haven’t changed jobs or moved in the last 5 years, you will probably be asked fewer questions than if you have done any of these things.


Now that I’ve had the interview

How do I Activate my FAST Card?