Trusted Traveler Programs Website

What is the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) website?

TTP is an acronym which stands for Trusted Traveler Programs and it is also the name for the new website, which replaces the old Global Online Enrolment System. TTP is the new website that US CBP set up for its various ‘trusted traveller’ programs. In order to use the TTP website, you need a profile.

Use the TTP website for applying for the following programs:

Canadian residents applying for FAST Cards must submit paper applications to third party providers or use the TTP system. There is no online enrolment system specifically for Canadian residents. You can find the TTP site here.


Why do I use the TTP website to sign up for a FAST Card?

US CBP created this new online application portal for both the ‘trusted traveller’ programs and the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program. The original trusted traveller program was known as Global Entry, so the website became the Global Online Enrolment System. It has since been replaced by the TTP. The Canadian government did not invest in its own system and agreed to use the American website.


What is

The profile is a profile American citizens use to access multiple federal government sites and online services securely. Canadian residents now need a profile to apply online for their FAST Card.

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Why can’t I find the FAST Card enrolment site?

When the US government created the new TTP website, it was thinking it would be the place where people signed up for trusted traveller program. The Free and Secure Trade program was added to the site because it’s easier to have one portal for all the programs. There has been little attempt on the part of either the Canadian or American government to publicize the TTP website, though there has been more of an effort than with the previous system. Both governments link to the TTP site but in order to find out that the TTP website is the correct site, you first have to visit an American or Canadian government website which talks about the FAST Card program.

With the FAST Card program and the Trusted Traveller Programs website, there is not enough information on the public webpages of the TTP  website to tell the search engines that the TTP website is the official application system for the Free and Secure Trade program, so search engines think that a site such as this one,, is more likely what you are searching for.

Go to the TTP website.

If you don’t want to use the TTP website to apply for your FAST Card, or you want an urgent interview, please click here.


Why should I use instead of TTP?

  • Border Cards ensures all your documentation is valid, acceptable and applicable
    Border Cards thoroughly reviews your application prior to its submission to CBP and CBSA, for any omissions or errors which would cause the application to be refused
    Border Cards’ FAST Card experts can be reached by phone 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, to answer any questions you have about FAST Card application process – TTP does not provide anything but technical support
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