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Book Your FAST Interview Appointment

Whether you apply for your FAST Card online or you send a paper application through the mail, you have to book your appointment through the US CBP TTP website. Enrolment centres do not accept bookings by phone.

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Book Your FAST Interview Using TTP

In order to book your interview appointment for your FAST Card, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. To start, you will need to login your to your account on the TTP site using your credentials. If you do not yet have a account, you must create a profile in order us TTP to book an interview. You should have a account – the only reason you wouldn’t have one is if you applied by mail directly to the FAST Card office in Niagara Falls before that option was discontinued in 2019 or you applied using the Global Online Enrolment System before it was replaced by the Trusted Traveller Program website.
  2. Second, you must confirm that your status indicates Conditionally Approved. The TTP system will not allow you to book an interview if your status is any of the following:
    • Pending Review – you must wait for the security check to be completed.
    • Approved – you do not need to attend an interview.
    • Refused – you have been deemed ineligible for a FAST Card.
  3. Third, you must choose the FAST enrolment centre you prefer to attend. You can see the full list of FAST enrolment centres here.  Please Note: FAST Enrolment Centres are not always the same as FAST Enrolment Centres.
  4. Fourth, you must use the calendar to choose your date and time. Dates and times are based on the Enrolment Centre’s dates and times of operation. Available slots are interview slots during this time that have not yet been booked. If you log out and back in, the calendar will change due to cancellations and other applicants switching appointments. Appointments can be booked only a few months in advance.
  5. Be sure to record the details of your appointment for your FAST interview as you may not get an email reminder from the TTP system.

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1. Book Your FAST Interview Appointment

Manage interview in GOES

Manage your appointment by clicking the “Manage Interview” button

In the case of the above screenshot, the appointment was booked earlier so the text on the button is slightly different.


1a. Manage your Interview Appointment

Manage your GOES interview

Screen displaying appointment information

This screen displays your current appointment information. The information on this screen will change if you change your appointment date and time (or the enrolment centre, see below). When booking your appointment for the first time, you will not see the screen until later.


2. Choose Your FAST Card Enrolment Centre

Select your enrolment centre

Select the enrolment centre for your interview

This screen displays all the FAST enrolment centres. When you book your appointment, this is the screen you will see first.


3. Verify the FAST Card Enrolment Centre

Confirm enrolment centre

Verify the enrolment centre or switch to a different one

This screen presents the earliest dates both at the enrolment centre you selected and at other, relatively nearby enrolment centres.


4. Choose Your FAST Card Appointment Date and Time

Few interviews available

In the screenshot above, you can see that there are not many appointment times available on this date.


5. Choose a different date for your FAST Card Interview

All interviews open

If you choose a different (later) date, you will normally be presented with more times.


Changing Your FAST Interview Time and Date

How you can change your appointment time and date depends upon how soon your interview is.

If your interview is within less than 24 hours, you must call the FAST enrolment centre you are attending.

If your interview is more than 24 hours in the future, you should use the TTP website to change your appointment, just as you booked your appointment. In addition to being able to change the time and date, you can actually change the enrolment centre through the TTP website (though not over the phone).

Need to change your appointment and don’t want to use the TTP site? Call us at 1-855-760-0888 and get help!


Expedited FAST Card Interviews

If you need your appointment urgently, you can attempt to call the FAST enrolment centre to see if they will let you book an urgent appointment over the phone. However, the vast majority of enrolment centres will not let you book appointments over the phone, except perhaps in extraordinary cases.

Unfortunately, the best way to try to book an urgent interview is to regularly login to the TTP website to see if any new time-slots are available. New time-slots constantly become available due to cancellations or other applicants changing their appointments.

Alternatively, you can pay Border Cards to search for urgent timeslots for you. Call us now at 1-855-760-0888 to help you.


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