Need Attend Interview Renewal

Why do I need another interview?

If you are renewing your Free And Secure Trade membership, it is still possible you will be required to attend a FAST Card interview. You may be requested to attend a renewal interview for one of two reasons:


Things Changed Since You Last Got a FAST Card

If some aspect of your life has changed since your first Free and Secure Trade Card application and your renewal application, it’s likely you will be required to attend a renewal interview. The following changes could trigger an interview:

  • you married, especially if, as part of your marriage you changed your name (hopefully you have already updated your current FAST Card with this information if you did indeed change your name)
  • you changed your name for some reason other than marriage
  • you switched jobs or went freelance
  • you moved houses, especially if the move involved switching provinces or states.

Any of the above changes could trigger an interview for your FAST renewal application.

Please NOTE: You must inform inform the Free and Secure Trade program if you are now ineligible for membership for one of the following reasons:

  • You no longer live in North America
  • You now have a criminal record
  • You have customs or immigration violations
  • You are ineligible for some other reason.

If this occurs while you are a member of the Free and Secure Trade program, and before you renew your FAST Card, it is your responsibility to inform the program of this change in eligibility. If you fail to meet the conditions of the FAST program, you will not be allowed to renew your FAST Card.


Random Interview

Both US CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection) and CBSA (the Canada Border Services Agency) may require a renewal interview for any reason at all, even if nothing has changed between your first application and your renewal. Moreover, they are not required to provide you with the reason they requested the interview so you may never know the reason you had to attend. The waiving for the interview requirement for renewal applications is a privilege afforded to most renewing applicants, it’s up to both agencies to honour it.


How to Book a FAST Card Interview Appointment