How Do I Renew My FAST Card

Renew FAST Card

You can renew your Free and Secure Trade Card using the same method you used to apply for your first FAST Card, using the TTP system.

However, if you applied for a FAST Card using a paper application for your first Card, use the TTP system for your renewal application because the CBSA has stopped accepting paper applications. To attend your FAST Card interview you should have had to use the TTP site so you are already half way there.


When to Renew your FAST Card

You may apply to renew your Free and Secure Trade membership one year before your current card expires. Because it may take a while to renew your FAST Card, especially in the summer, do not wait until your card has expired to renew your membership.


Cost of a New FAST Card

The cost for your next Free and Secure Trade Card is the same as the first card you got: US$50.

If you hire Border Cards to assist you with renewing your FAST Card, there is a service fee.


FAST Card Renewal Process

If you used the Global Online Enrolment System, the process to renew your FAST Card is basically the same

If nothing has changed in your life, you probably will not have to attend an interview appointment and you should normally be approved in a shorter amount of time than it took to get approved when you applied for your first FAST CArd.

But, if your circumstances have changed in the last five years, you may be asked to attend a FAST interview appointment. These are some examples of changes in circumstances that could trigger a new interview request:

  • your legal name has changed through marriage, divorced or some other legal name change
  • you moved sometime in the last five years, especially if you switched provinces or states
  • you changed jobs or started your own business
  • your legal status in your country of residence has changed (example: you became a citizen).

If any of these situations apply to you, you will likely have to attend another interview. Also, if anything happened while you were a Free and Secure Trade member, that might cause the CBSA or CBP to think you are no longer eligible to the program, you can expect an interview. (Example: a customs fine.)

There is only one way to discover if you need attend an interview, and that is by applying.


How to Complete the FAST Card Renewal Application