How Long Does it Take to Get a FAST Card?

How long it will take you to get your FAST Card depends upon both the time of year you apply and where you wish to attend your FAST Card interview. Getting your FAST Card is a three step process once you have submitted your application online:

  • conditional approval by CBSA and US CBP
  • the FAST interview
  • receive your FAST card in the mail.


Conditional FAST Card Approval 1-8 weeks

After you submit your application online, processing time can take between 1 and 8 or more weeks for your application to be conditionally approved, depending upon your status in Canada and/or the US and other factors.

Renewal applications are often processed within 1-2 weeks but not always.

As of 2019, CBSA has stopped accepted mail-in applications. If you would still like to submit your application by mail, click here.

If you have a complicated situation, either with your immigration status or your past criminal history, you can expect the conditional approval process to take much longer. Here are some potential issues:

  • missing proper identification
  • discrepancies between the information on your application and your IDs which you present at the interview
  • missing information in your residence or employment history
  • failure to disclose information the CBSA or US CBP are aware of
  • not being a citizen of either Canada or the US
  • possible reasons for ineligibility for the FAST Card program, such convictions, customs violations or other eligibility issues.

There could be other reasons for delay as well. You will not be informed of the reasons for the delay.


FAST Interview – Timeline varies (1-30 days)

Once your application is conditionally approved, it’s time book your appointment for the interview. How it takes for your interview depends upon the enrolment centre(s) you are able to travel to. If you are able to travel to more than one enrolment centre, you will have a better chance of finding an interview closer to your conditional approval date.


Receiving Your FAST Card – 10 calendar days

You should receive your FAST Card within 2 weeks of the approval of your FAST Card application. The full approval of your application usually occurs later the same day as your interview or sometimes the next business day. If you are not sure when you received full approval, check your TTP account for details.

If you have not received your card after about 3 weeks, you should contact the FAST Card enrolment centre that you attended for your interview. Other enrolment centres will be unable to assist you.


What is Conditional Approval of a FAST Card Application?